Sunday, June 29, 2008

yay for yay!

so...the past two weeks have been eventful enough that i haven't had time to update. but i've been doing my new things. i'm not going to list each one, mostly out of lack of time still, but most pertain to new things i'm learning at school i.e. perming, new kinds of haircuts, pedicures, etc. and the rest include running around with cortni doing the usual spontaneity. here are some pictures. enjoy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

waxing, manequin haircuts and a parade.

june 13th: today i had my eyebrows waxed for the first time. i don't have much excess eyebrow hair to begin with, so there wan't much to wax and it wasn't painful. i also waxed someone's eyebrows for the first time. i was really nervous she'd end up with no eyebrows by the time i was done, but they looked really nice. i also learned how to do a straight cut, or a trim, and gave miss kim the manequin a trim. it was terrifying but it turned out okay as well.

june 14th: today was really uneventful. i appointed radiohead as the band of the month...and listened to some of it for a couple hours. fixed nolle's hair for the parade she was in was adorable..and went to the orem city parade. i've actually never been to that parade. our float wasn't ready in time last year. i sat in a big weed patch, got completely eaten by bugs and had a major allergy attack-i can hardly see out of my eyes they're so puffy and my nose is all red from sneezing and wiping-and i followed it up by coming home and eating some mango salsa and having a major allergic reaction to that too. but..despite all of the allergies and the fact that my entire face and neck is a puffy, swollen, itcying, watering, dripping mess...the parade was very nice and it was fun to see nolle float by. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

hairy zoo!

this entry is going to be quick because i'm way stinkin exhausted.

june 11: today i went on a little excursion to check out some cosmetology schools...and by 1ish i was enrolled and starting. talk about crazy and spur of the moment. but i'm really excited. more on this to come.

june 12: today i attended my first official day at bon losse. i also went to this crazy party at the zoo for a couple hours with the fam and checked out some of my favorite animals and the new carosel sp? they just opened. it was a blast minus all the cool monkeys being asleep and the white alligator being closed. and i left sure that rhinos are really dinosaurs...just a little evolved...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


june 10th: today i rented a cello and attempted to play for the first time! it is a beautiful instrument. 3/4 size of course. the man at the store was crazy to think i'd need a full size..even for a minute. :) after i got it home i pulled it out and tried to play it. i could tell it was way out of tune so i went on line and found out which string is which (it's totally different from a violin believe it or not!) and started tuning it. an hour later, my fingers all but blistered from turning the pegs over and over i decided to put it away till my first lesson next monday. i'm super excited to start playing. and my first "song goal" i guess you could call it is the cello part on volcano by damien rice. :) we'll see how that goes. i'd also like to get to the point that i can play with a quartet/orchestra. i'll keep you updated as i go. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

new beginning :)

so...the honest truth: i haven't really been doing new things since the last time i posted. my life turned into madness. but i'm back now, for good and starting this thing over. i feel like it would be good to start with saturday the 7th of june. this was a very significant day in my life so it would be rather appropriate.

June 7th: i competed in the miss lehi pageant, with hopes of winning the crown. i went home with the community service award and the love and respect of an entire community...a reward far more significant than a crown. i also walked away with many answered prayers and a fresh start and outlook on life. that's all that really needs to be said. so in case you didn't catch that: new thing=winning the $500 dollar community service award in the miss lehi pageant.

June 8th: today i began sewing my first quilt ever. for anyone who knows me, you know i DO NOT do 2 things: dance and sew. after sitting around for hours not sure of what to do with job, no school, no boyfriend, no pageant, no mom came to me and told me she wanted me to make a quilt. and i was so excited to do anything i took her up on the offer. it wasn't till after i was sitting at the machine and attempting to sew once again that i turned to her and said "man..i know life has hit an all time low when i find myself sewing for pleasure!" :) i'll definitely post pictures of its progress. :)

June 9th: today marks one more month of my teenage years left. wow time flies. Today i ate an entire bowl of pasta salad using my left hand. my right hand was itching to jump in and take over but i didn't let it. by the time i was finished there was little bits of broccoli stuck all over my face and i was more of licking the pasta out of the bowl like a dog rather than using my fork. i'm hoping if i put my lefthand to use just a little bit more it will get the right side of my brain up and moving and all those creative juices flowing just a little bit more than they already do. or something like that. i also watched the movie the notebook for the first time today. with the exception of the extra effort it took to fast forward through the completely unnecessary sex scenes, and the ending that went on just a little bit too long, i absolutely loved it. enough that it made the idea of falling in love sound nice again :) and it made me wish i could live in the 40s and 50s. i loved the fashion. and the idea of living off the coast in a big, white, antique house that has been restored with wood floors, vintage furnishings, and a grand piano included in the front room. sigh. someday. i also loved that the heroine i guess you could call her is a redhead. and completely gorgeous. that always completes a love story. :)

Monday, March 31, 2008


i've been doing m new things i promise..i just haven't been doing a very good job of keeping track of them. this month consisted of meeting my friend mark...and endless adventures with him: longboarding down ramps in the fine arts building, crashing at the bottom, getting rug burns all over my knees and laying in the middle of the floor and laughing our gutts out, sneaking around the piano caves, discovering every part of the fine arts building you could imagine, concerts, cabin adventures, yoga, movies, laughing, laughing, and laughing. he is a good guy and i'm lucky to know him. :) as for all the other things...i'm just going to post a bunch of pictures of some of the things i've done and leave it up to your imagination.. :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

february in a nutshell...

i'm a slacker. end of story. but i've still been doing new things every day so here is the majority of the month of february:

2/1: today i ate at the utah state dairy for the first time.

2/2: today i wrote a love poem using a handful of conversation hearts as my inspiration. here it is.. )the red words are the ones from the converation hearts):

you are kind,
oh one i love
in a fog my soul
exsists for you.
kiss me
in a fog, and
the wild life, that once
was led is left behind.
real love is not a dream;
cloud nine does not
exist. but when
you are far and my heart
longs for sincere words, and
promises kept, melt my heart
with i love you's;
never let me forget
how much i miss you.

2/3: today i did some serious reflection on my life...wrote in my journal...and printed up some pictures of Marjorie Hinckley to put on my wall. she was such an amazing person and everything i hope to be. :)
2/4: today i ate a meatball sandwich. it was the first and last one i'll ever eat...just as i thought it would be it was completely disgusting.
2/5: today cortni and i walked backwards from the fine arts building to the bus stop. it was neat.
2/6: all of these new things are memorable...but there are just some days that are more so than was one of them. five words: tofu, bamboo, and bob marleys birthday party. tofu is squishy and sick. bamboo tastes like cat food smells. bob marley is the coolest. cortni and i were the only white people at the party and we were offered all kinds of substances but we came out of it alive. haha. we also ended the night stranded at the field house, painting our nails in the locker room. what a night... :)
2/7: today i ate a combination of peanut butter and m&ms. sooo good. like peanut butter m&ms only more fresh.
2/8: today i rehearsed for monster concert for a good 7 hours. so crazy but really fun. 20-40 kids all playing the piano together on one stage and sounding good is nothing but exhilirating.
2/9: today i went to the little coffee shop, citrus and sage and enjoyed some live jazz and delicious italian sodas. it was bliss.

2/10: today i wore flip flops. not that i've never done that before....just never done that before in februdary while living in a completely arctic climate. :) it made me even more thirsty for summer than i already am...unfortunately. :(

2/11: today i went to this ward dance...for family home evening. it was kinda weird. kinda fun. still not sure what i think of it.

2/12: today i celebrated the national pancake celebration with ihop and a stack of competely free pancakes. so good.
2/13: today i recieved a package from home full of sugar cookies and chocolate....pre valentine's day...from my amazing mother. i've never recieved a valentine's package sent with that much love in my life:)

2/14: today i gave professor amano a valentine. everyone told me i was crazy. but he needs some love too. he gave me a very sincere thank you note that everyone was jealous of in return. it's amazing what can happen when you just love people regardless of who they are. :)

2/15: today i corralled a gerbil for the first time. it was so hilarious. my poor dad has had to catch rodents so many times he has a whole system was crazy and by the end it had my entire family crawling under a little twin bed trying to catch little pinkleberry the of those memories that will stay in my mind forever :) ps after about an hour our mission was accomplished and pinkleberry made it home safe:)

2/16: today i went to a utah symphony concert for the first time in a long time, and hear the grieg piano concerto in a minor for the first time. it was amazng! so gorgeous! i am in love...

2/17: today i woke up at the literal crack of dawn and went with josh to the music and the spoken word...he plays with the orchestra at temple square so i got to go in the secret tunnels and was pretty sweet.
2/18: today i ate sushi for the first time. josh was an excellent sushi coach. and i actually really liked some of it... :) enough that i'd definitely eat it again :) i's a shock...miracles do happen sometimes.

2/19: today, on a regular old school day, i woke up, went to theory, went home, and slept the rest of the day...well till practicum at 6. i've never done that before. just been so exhausted that i sleep a whole day. not on a week day at least. it was so nice.
2/20: so i keep track of my new things on post-its so i won't forget before i can post them...well on this day my handwriting was especially bad so i have no idea what i looks like painter gay or painter guy...haha but i have no idea what that means....i know i did something new...but i guess this one will have to forever be a mystery... :)

2/21: today i jammed with my friends easy c and kablamo for the first time:) and tried a reeses whopper for the first time while jamming with them. i'm not a fan of whoppers so it wasn't so great. but jamming with them was fun. they are cool guys. so chill and so funny. :)

2/22: today...while driving home for the weekend...cortni and i began the hunt for a mannequin head to give josh for his birthday. we found some crazy laboratory...kind of scary. but eventually found slcc...and the beauty school there and came up with a wild story when we were asked why we wanted their left over heads. they were very skeptical and i'm sure they thought we were creeps.. but we walked away with two amazing heads. we have josh the girl..mary kin....and kept the boy...magnum for ourselves. :)

2/23: today i went to walmart to print up a ton of pictures..some to give josh for his birthday..some for me...long story short there was probably 40 dollars worth of pictures there when i was finished but i really needed them so i just printed them regardless of my lack of money. well when i took them up to the desk the guy working totally put a no charge sticker on my little package and walked away....oh the joys of being a single, almost 20 year old girl... ;)

2/24: today was josh's 19th i visited him and gave him all his amazing birthday presents. then i stopped by tyler's to say hello and he showed me his new zune. i'd never seen one in real was pretty cool, but i still prefer ipods. later on cortni and i drove back to logan. she had a lot of stuff to carry up to her dorm and needed some help, and there were no close parking spots, so we just turned the hazards on and left my van sitting there in the middle of the road. i've never done that before and it was probably slightly illegal..but hey. you do what you gotta do sometimes. :)